Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're Moving! (again....)

My big news for the day is that at the end of this week, we're moving! Yes, I have been holding out on you all, but frankly, packing has kept me quite busy these last few weeks (not that much is really packed...)

It's somewhat of a bittersweet move, since the house that hubby and I have been living in for the last two years is my grandparent's house, meaning that I have to start to come to terms with the fact that Grandpa is in assisted living, and probably has to remain there. And that (when my parents sell the house) someone else will be cooking in my grandma's kitchen. And I won't live as close to my parents. :( Not that we'll be far (about 45 minutes away), but still, like I said, I'm a little bittersweet.

But the good news is that both hubby and I will be closer to our jobs, and I always welcome change. Both Tony and I have moved a lot during our adult years. A LOT. I realized the other day that I have moved 7 times in the past 8 years. Scary, huh? You'd think that I would be a pro by now and that everything would be packed and ready. You'd think, wouldn't you?

Anyways, after I realized how many moves I've taken, I decided to share with all you out there the various places I have lived.
1) Mom and Dad's House

Ah, good old 740 Mohave Street. This was the home that my parents' took me home to from the hospital, and where I stayed until I left for college. To me, this house means everything: family parties, childhood memories, even the tumultuous teenage years.

Ironically, I couldn't seem to find many pictures of just the house itself, but here's one of me getting ready for my wedding day. I spent the night there before the wedding, just so I could say that I spent one last night as a single woman under my parent's roof. I love the hardwood floors and the simple, homey feel of the house and furniture. I'm quite sentimental about that house - it was the only home I ever knew for 20 years!

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