Friday, May 1, 2009

Family Photos

So I mentioned that Mary-Carolyn over at Longbrake Living posts family photographs on her blog, and that I wanted to do the, no time better than the present to start!

This is a picture of my dad (the young man in the suit) with his parents (my grandparents, Bernice and William) and his little sister Kathy. Missing is my Uncle Billy, who recently passed away. I love wedding pictures, because everyone always seems so happy and dressed up and excited.

Check out the ringlets on Aunt Kathy! My dad's side has great, dark brown/black curly hair. Yet, somehow, the super curly ringlets of my dad's side meshed with the beautiful, sleek straightness of my mom's side, and left me with an annoying head of hair that refuses to go either straight or curly without a ton of heat. Sigh. He did give me thickness, which I am told is a blessing. Drives me crazy, though...

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Mary-Carolyn said...

As a girl, I would have died to wear something so princessy! And twirly! I LOVE old family photos!

Thanks for the link! I started posting photos when I couldn't think of anything interesting to post on a Friday! I hope you keep on joining me!