Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of where-in-the-world-has-Mary-lived....

2) My dorm!
Here I am in all of my nerdy glory in my dorm. Note the various music posters behind me and the large white desktop. And lack of any style. This was my first home away from my parents, and my roommate Ashley and I made the most of it. Actually, she was mostly gone rock climbing, so I had a quasi-single. What a great roommate!

Here, my friend Jill and I sit in my "dorm fort," which latest at least over a week before the RA told us it was a potential fire hazard. Ah, college days. How I miss them. Except for the food. And lack of air conditioning. And lack of privacy and a clean shower. Wait, never mind, I don't miss my dorm.
3) My first apartment

This is the only photograph I could find of my first apartment that I shared with 3 other girls (including Megan, the taller one - I'm the one in the college-stereotype plaid pajamas bottoms). The day we moved in, my mother cried, thinking that I was going to be living in such filth. We moved into a place with dilapidated furniture, holes in the walls, and dirt and dust everywhere. Ah, college. It was the second and third floors of a house off campus, and although it was small and crowded and the landlord was a jerk, it was the first time I felt truly on my own (despite the financial support from my folks - thanks, Mom and Dad, for the pseudo-independence!).

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