Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog Love: And the rest....

To finish up my list of blogs that I read regularly (and love!), here we go:

Money Blogs:
These are blogs that encourage you to save, find ways to pinch pennies, and (my favorite) ways to rip off Target and Walgreen's and get free stuff by stacking coupons. Gotta love that! Here are some of my favorites:

Money Saving Mom - lots of great coupons. Go here to rip off the corporate man.

The Simple Dollar - explains financial conundrums like stocks and bonds and other things that go over my pretty little head.

Laid-off Ladies - Two best friends try to make ends meet in Chicago after being laid off. Great ideas, but I especially love it for the local freebies.

Misc. Blogs:
These are blogs that aren't really about fashion, or houses, or money, but rather a little bit of everything in a person's life (sort of like my little blog here!).

Making This Home - An American in...Berlin! Sometimes, this blog makes me long for living in Europe, where everyone else has tiny kitchens and walks everywhere without thinking you're a freak for doing so.

Dooce - This woman is hilarious. Not sure how to explain Dooce, you just need to read it. I hope I have as much humor and swear words in my life when I enter the motherhood.

Longbrake Living - Cute blog about marriage and life and "Lost" (which I've never seen, but looks delightfully confusing). Mary-Carolyn also posts old family photos every Friday, which I LOVE and plan on stealing shortly....

So there you have it! All the reasons why I ignore my own blog and spend far too much time glimpsing into the lives of others....

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