Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet Eddie

There's a member of our little newlywed family that you all haven't met yet - and that's Eddie, our beloved kitty. Well, he's not a kitty any more, being about 5 years old this year, but he'll always be a kitty to me.
Tony and I adopted Eddie when I started grad school at the University of Chicago. Living alone in Hyde Park (while Tony was living a few hours away in central Illinois teaching) was sad, and we decided to adopt a poor, homeless kitty to help keep me company. Tony, my mom, and I went to a local shelter, and while my mom and I were looking at all the cats, Tony kept saying, "Hey, this guy is following me around. You should take this one." It was Eddie. While the other cats were fighting over food and territory, Eddie followed us around, eventually falling head first into the garbage can and getting stuck behind a microwave. What can I say, it was love.

So I took Eddie home, and even though he has cried and whined every morning at about 5 am since, we love him dearly.

**Note: part of this sentimental-pet post may be because I just watched "Marley and Me." Great movie, but be prepared to sob violently, followed by smothering your cat/dog, who's probably thinking, what's with her?

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