Monday, February 16, 2009


I am starting to get spring fever. All I think about is spring and warmer weather and being able to take walks and such. We had a couple of warmer days recently, and it just made me crazy for warmer weather. Unfortunately, it is still winter, and it is currently snowing buckets outside. Enjoying the great outdoors will just have to wait.

However, this lovely flowers that I recently picked up are tiding me over until spring officially arrives...


The weekend is finally over, and I have to admit that I am a little sad to be going back to work. Not that I mind my job, but every Monday I feel a little blue and wish weekends lastest longer.

We had quite a busy weekend - my brother-in-law's birthday party, I (finally!) got a haircut, took Eddie (our cat) to the vet (clean bill of health!), went out to dinner and a movie for Valentine's, visited Grandpa, laundry, cleaning, cooking, groceries, and tackling the Great Re-organization Project of 2009. We did a lot, but we had fun!

For Valentine's, Tony gave me a box of chocolate turtles (which are almost gone!) and a little stuffed Valentine's dog. I put him by my makeshift Valentine's display in the dining room:

And I gave Tony some really good hot chocolate (his favorite) and these matching mugs with our initials. I think they look really cute together on display in the kitchen.

All in all, a good weekend - but now I have to get back to reality and back to work...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrifty Green Thursday!

OK, so I know that I said I would post more - and then I didn't. Sigh. My job has been taking up most of time, and it's been so hard to get the time to sit down and blog. But I am trying - and I do often think about how I want to be out there chatting in the blog-o-sphere!
Here's my tip this week for Thrifty Green Thursday: cut down on your paper waste by doing your bills online! My bank has a great feature that allows you to pay your bills online for free. I've been doing this for at least two years now, and it makes life oh so easy.
Also, sign up for the electronic statements that most companies offer, so that you receive you monthly statements through your email address, rather than wasting paper - not to mention all the pollution caused by transporting the mail back and forth. I am in the process of signing up for electronic billing for all of our statements - and let me tell you, we get plenty. This will also free up a lot of our filing; rather than saving our older statements in a filing system, now I will be able to drop the statements into a folder in my email account. Ain't technology grand?
So there you go - pay and receive bills online to reduce paper and reduce emissions - and make life a little simpler.