Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Fun Begins!

Last weekend, I went to our first holiday party of the season (with plenty more to come!). Tony couldn't make it, due to his finals (given Friday night, due Monday morning), so I tagged along with my mom, dad, and Grandpa to the annual Schulze family party, hosted by my Grandpa's older brother, Uncle Bill. This is my second year going, and every time I have so much fun! I love watching my Grandpa and his siblings (he's one of 9!) get together and see all the spouses, cousins, and kids. The best part is the grab bag, in which we get to steal from one another. In the true Irish Christmas spirit, the Bailey's and other booze-related presents are always passed around the most.

Here are some pictures from the party - enjoy!

My mom, her cousin-in-law Denise, and me - our annual spots in front of the fireplace (note my slightly buzzed smile)

Grandpa mingling and enjoying his family

Grandpa is always the most popular

Aunt Lorrie and Aunt Pat

The Schulze Siblings: (standing) Uncle Jack, Grandpa (Francis), Aunt Lorrie, Aunt Binnie
(sitting) Our host, Uncle Bill

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! :) Looks like a nice time was had by all. :)