Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sense of humor

When we were in Pre-Cana (the Catholic version of marriage prep), our counselor/deacon asked us why we wanted to marry each other. We had a litany of answers, ranging from common interests, common goals (kids, family, academic careers, etc.), love and respect for each other, etc., and the deacon told us that we had very thoughtful answers compared to other couples. For instance, he told us, a lot of couples will simple say, "he makes me laugh" and stop at that. And we all agreed that, yeah, perhaps there should be more of an answer there.

Yet, there are days such as right now when I realize that "he makes me laugh" certainly can help. I spent the day cleaning and decluttering our increasingly messy house (it's clean now!) and getting rather cranky, and all of a sudden, Tony turned to me and said (completely deadpan), "Didn't you want to see Transporter 3 in the theater? Cause I think you said so in your sleep." Which is the last movie I would ever, ever want to see. So I laughed and immediately felt less stressed. And, partly, I did marry him for that weird, sarcastic, dead-pan sense of humor of his.

Ok, this is a sentimental posting, but hey, I'm a newlywed. I still get mushy.


Karen said...

You need laughter -- even almost 10 years later its laughter that gets us through the tough times!

Ashley Anderson said...

Wow, what a sweet post. I agree with the laughter part. If your spouse can't make you laugh then your in trouble. Woody is not the funniest person in the world nor am I but when the time comes around where we do make eachother laugh it feels wonderful. The other day I said something that made woody laugh, it had to do with our cat Mia coming to give woody a lick on the face and how she probably just came from licking her kitty litter box, Woody just started choking with laughter so I just kept repeating the joke hoping he would just continue to laugh because laughter is important in a relationship!