Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Savvy: Green products for smarter living

Last week was my sister-in-law's birthday, and while waiting for the rest of the family to show up and enjoy delicious Chicago deep dish pizza, I stepped into this little shop next door and fell in love. Savvy is a new shop in downtown Naperville that provides "green products for smarter living." Absolutely adorable shop, with really helpful and friendly owners and great products.

It's no secret that I care about the environment, and I'm always looking to 1) buy more enviro-friendly products, and 2) support local shops (as opposed to giant corporate big box stores). Not that I don't shop at Target, like, 5 times a week, but it's nice to find a store that isn't a big box and is really trying to make a difference.

I was most excited to see all-in-one cloth diapers in person. I really want to use (mostly) cloth diapers when we have kids, and I've done some investigating online about them, but it was really nice to see them in person and realize how soft they are, how easy they are to use, and how freakin' adorable.

I had to buy something, so I bought this little recycling truck made of recycled materials (yes, you read that right) for my nephew's birthday.

Savvy has a website, but for those of you who don't live in the Chicago suburbs, I really encourage you to look around and see if you have any local green shops to support. If not, I would also recommend Greenfeet for buying green products online.

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